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B. L. Academy of Higher Education

BLAHE, Daurala-Mawana Road,

Lawar, Meerut - 250222, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA



The computer laboratory at BLAHE is fully air-conditioned and has been setup with the aim to provide computation facility to students and computer training to the staff. The laboratory is equipped with adequate number of computers for student usage, loaded with genuine, original and latest software for practice.

We are following the global standards and providing 512Kbps internet facilities for surfing net and to let our students be updated with latest information globally.

There is a spacious hall dedicated to the facility of computer laboratory. The students will be required to use this facility on a regular basis as a part of their curriculum and as an activity that would help in bringing computer awareness in and around the campus. This will provide BLAHE a better opportunity for carrying out its main activity, i.e., Involving students deeply in the curriculum and help in extending the network across campus, computerization of offices and also planning its future activities keeping in view the fast paced developments in the world of Information Technology.

The computer laboratory of the academy has all necessary backup to ensure uninterrupted power supply for running of computers.

Science and Maths


BLAHE has acquired necessary equipments for its science and mathematics resource centre (SMRC) for the teacher training institute. The SMRC is functional as a classroom which is approximately 750 sq. feet having storage facilities and furniture (almirah, racks, demonstration table, stools, etc.). Besides these facilities the SMRC has the material equipments (test tubes, boiling tubes, beakers, spring balance, volt meter, skeleton, Over head projector etc.) required for preparing teaching learning material for use during practice teaching programme. The SMRC at BLAHE has a duplicate set of text book of Science and Math, Activity books, Model making books etc. in the SMRC.

Science and Maths


The ACRC at BLAHE is housed in a 750 sq. feet room having adequate electricity and water connection with wash basins having running water facilities. The ACRC has tools and equipments, furniture reference material regarding works of arts and crafts. The ACRC has a complete provision of natural lighting, sunmica covered tables, revolving stool (steel), display almirah, steel almirah, fire extinguishers, cotton mats etc. Varied tools/material/equipments related to Visual Arts and Crafts soft pencils, crayons, painting stands, different colors and painting tools, card boards, drawing papers, jute fibres etc. have been made available for the students.

Science and Maths


The Psychology Resource Centre (PRC), BLAHE, in its Teacher Eduction Institute (TEI) is housed in a sperate room of 750 sq. feet. There are three rows with two tables each, chairs and stools which have been arranged keeping the requirements of the teacher educators and student teachers. The PRC also has the basic infrastructure like almirah, book shelves, LCD projector etc. necessary for the enhancement of learning process. Apart from these equipments/infrastructure, the PRC at BLAHE has a number of psychology tests (GIT, NVGIT, WISC, MOHSIN, EPQ-R, 16 PF test, CPQ, PGIMS, TAT, DAYC, TAT, CII, VPI etc.) for student teachers and teacher educators to prepare them to become integral part of teaching of psychology and handle complex situation.

Science and Maths


Information And Communication Technology Resource Centre has computer systems (desktop) and peripherals along with other requisite hardware like Laser Printers, OHP, TV, DVD Player etc. For the OHP a permanent projection screen has been mounted. The ICTRC is very well ventilated and is housed in a 2000 sq. feet hall. The systems are loaded with windows XP and with the latest browser internet Explorer 7. Utility packages like MS office 2003 have also been installed. The ICTRC is fully networked as the desktops are connected to the server to access the information through the internet. All the desktops have UPS having a two hours backup. At any given time the ICTRC at BLAHE can accommodate approximately 60 students facing the screen.

Science and Maths


BLAHE, for its teacher education institute provides opportunities for student teachers to actively participate in various physical education activities. To achieve this, HPERC at BLAHE has created a specialized resource centre housed in a 750 sq. feet multipurpose hall having educational tools (health models, body chart, Posters, Booklets, films etc. conducive for generating interest amongst student teachers. It also has infrastructure in terms of furniture, white board, activity items and reading material etc. A separate store room for safely storing/keeping equipment (activities items and accessaries) is also created. Teachers Education Institute (TEI) at BLAHE also provides ample opportunities to participate outdoor sports. Area for games like volleyball, football, hockey, cricket, and athletics has been arranged with necessary facilities within the institution, as per the norms prescribed by NCTE.